Cost of Records

Type of Record
Standard Paper Copy
$0.10 per Page
Standard Paper Copy - Front/Back
$0.20 per Page
Diskette $1 Each
Magnetic Tape
Actual Cost
Data Cartridge
Actual Cost
Tape Cartridge
Actual Cost
Rewritable CD
$1 Each
Non-Rewritable CD
$1 Each
$3 Each
JAZ Drive
Actual Cost
Other Electronic Media
Actual Cost
VHS Videocassette
$2.50 Each
Audio Cassette
$1 Each
Oversized Paper Copy (11 by 17) Greenbar, Bluebar, not including maps and photographs using specialty paper
$0.50 per Page
Specialty Paper (Mylar, Blueprint, Blueline, Map, and Photographic)
Actual Cost
Programming Labor Charge
$28.50 per Hour
Labor Charge for Locating, Compiling, and Reproducing Public Information
$15 per Hour