1. Barking Dogs

    Dogs that bark and disturb the peace and quiet of the neighborhood, or disturb a person of ordinary sensitivity residing adjacent to the barking dog, are a violation of city law and subject the owner to municipal fines and various other remedies provided for in Chapter 14 of the city’s code of ordinances.

  2. Bees

    The City of West University Place does not perform pest control services. For bees on private property, the homeowner will have to contact a pest control company of their choice to perform the eradication.

  3. City Kennel

    Dogs found running at-large in the City of West University Place are picked up and taken to the city kennel located at 2801 N. Braeswood where they can await reclamation.

  4. Leash Law

    The City of West University Place requires that all dogs be on a leash when outside of a secure enclosure (i.e., fenced in – electronic fences are not considered a secure enclosure, and dogs wearing electronic fence system collars have been picked up numerous times by animal control).

  5. Opossum

    Learn about how opossums benefit the community and how you can discourage them from coming onto your property.

  6. Other Services

    Read about other services provided by the city's Animal Control Department.

  7. Raccoons

    Raccoons, although they are extremely cute, are not pets, and their presence around your house should never be encouraged by providing them with food or shelter. Raccoons, and all wildlife for that matter, are only looking for food or shelter.

  8. Rats

    The City of West University Place does not perform pest control services on privately owned property. The decision as to which pest control service to use is up to the property owner.

  9. Stray Cats

    Find information about how to handle stray cats in your neighborhood.