Abrakadoodle Art Camp

Bug Me Art Camp  

You are begin bugged.  This creepy crawler camp is all about bugs, reptiles, nighttime adventures and the teeny tiny world of insects.  You will create bug habitats, design mazes and make mosaics, all while learning about bug and reptiles characteristics.

When:  June 15-18

Location:  Colonial Park Multi-Purpose Room

Space Art Adventure STEAM Camp

Join us and blast off to an outer space adventure.  Create art that focuses on science, technology, engineering and math concepts.  Learn about the solar system, meteoroids, constellations and more.  Explore art techniques and make new friends while reaching for the stars!

When:  June 29-July 2

Location:  Colonial Park Multi-Purpose Room

Big Abrakadoodle Circus Art Camp

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls.  Welcome to the greatest art camp on earth.  Campers will stretch their creative muscles as they clown around with circus paintings, tame clever circus animal sculptures, swing along to create a balancing trapeze artist and more.

When:  July 13-16

Location:  Colonial Park Multi-Purpose Room

Summer Surfing Art Camp

Summer is the best time for catching rays and waves.  This camp transports us to a virtual tropical paradise where we’ll create the perfect wave, design fish, make and fly airplanes towing a message, create watercolor seascapes and more.

When:  August 10-12

Location:  Colonial Park Multi-Purpose Room

It’s a Jungle Out There Art Camp

Bring your best imagination and learn about the rain forest, its animals, plants and indigenous people while jumping into this jungle adventure.  Have a wild time learning new art techniques, creating friendly sloths, toucans, piranhas, snakes, a tree house collage and more.

When:  August 17-20

Location:  Colonial Park Multi-Purpose Room