Idea Lab Camp

Drone Photography - Ages 10-13

This is where technology meets art. Learn how to take photos using a drone. The high flying cameras enable you to capture unique viewpoints of common subjects.

When:  June 1-4

Location:  Colonial Park Multi-Purpose Room

Science of the Jedi - Ages 6-9

Get our lightsabers ready we’re training new Idea Lab Jedi’s. Being a Jedi is more than fun, it’s science also. Learn how Jedi’s fuel and maintain their bodies. Do some fun and exciting Jedi experiments. This camp is great for the little Jedi in your life.

When:  June 8-11

Location:  Colonial Park Multi-Purpose Room

Fizz, Pop, Crackle:  Culinary Chemistry and Edible Science - Ages 6-9

What fizzes and crackles? Science, of course. Come explore the science behind chemical reactions. Who know our kitchen could create such a slimy mess.

When:  June 15-18

Location:  Colonial Park Multi-Purpose Room

Drone Engineering with 3D Printing - Ages 10-13

Students will experience it all from creating their own 3D model frame to putting together the electronic components to piloting their customized drone. Learning how to build a complete fully functional remote controlled quadcopter which flies and takes aerial photos. Additional kit cost $50

When:  June 29 - July 2

Location:  Colonial Park Multi-Purpose Room

Ssshh...Super-Secret Spy School - Ages 6-9

Create projects to help you become the top secret spy you have always wanted to be. From lie detectors, motion detectors and even invisible ink that lets you pass messages undetected. This spy camp is fun and interactive and introduces campers to Engineering and deductive reasoning.

When:  July 6-9

Location:  Colonial Park Multi-Purpose Room

Hocus Pocus:  Wizarding Science Academy - Ages 10-13

Luminary, levitation and smoldering snakes all have something in common. They are needed to pass the Idea Lab wizarding exam. Using science, technology and our imagination we will test the boundaries of what is real and what is magic and what is science and what is sorcery.

When:  July 13-16

Location:  Colonial Park Multi-Purpose Room

Space Engineering:  Surviving on Planet Xylon - Ages 10-13

Come and learn about living in space in this fun and interesting space engineering camp. The campers will get to learn about living on a fictitious planet and the challenges that living on a new planet present. Design and build your own habitat capable of sustaining human life.

When:  July 20-23

Location:  Colonial Park Multi-Purpose Room

Look out Kinetic Design:  Where Engineering Meets Art - Ages 10-13

Art and Engineering meet in this fun camp that allows you to refine your creative skills through art and engineering. Create fun projects that make you think and get your creativity flowing.

When:  July 27-30

Location:  Colonial Park Multi-Purpose Room

MacGyver’s Tinker and Invention Club - Ages 10-13

Can you use the resources given to you to create something? Are you into fun engineering challenges that work your brain power and teach team works? You will explore the art or engineering through awesome challenges.

When:  August 3-6

Location:  Colonial Park Multi-Purpose Room

Evil Genuis:  Super Hero Gadgets vs. Villian Gadgets - Ages 6-9

Which path will you choose? Build exciting gadgets and use them for justice or mischievous fun. Trip wire alarms, grappling hooks, super hero gadgets and more are all in store for you.

When:  August 10-13

Location:  Colonial Park Multi-Purpose Room

Photography and Website Design - Ages 10-13

This camp will allow students to explore the world of photography and learning how to snap photos like a pro. Students will explore and begin to master the different photo editing software. Students will incorporate their photography in their very own website that they create to showcase their skills.

When:  August 17-20

Location:  Colonial Park Multi-Purpose Room