Children's Activities


Ballet (Ages 2.5 - 12)

Classes are based on appropriate developmental skills for each specific age. Participating in dance helps children develop socially while improving their posture, coordination, rhythm, flexibility, strength, and balance. Students must participate a full year before moving to the next class.

Dance with me Ballet: Ages 2.5 - 3.5

Ballet & Tap: Ages 3.5-4

Ballet & Tap II: Ages 4-5

Ballet & Tap  III: Ages 5-6

Ballet & Tap IV: Ages 6-8

Ballet, Tap & Jazz I: Ages 8-12

Ballet, Tap & Jazz II: Ages 10-12

Ballet, Tap & Jazz III: Ages 10-12

Kids Bollywood Dance

Active lifestyles begin at a young age - and with the instructor, Kajal Desai's Kids' Bollywood Dance programming, she ensures that young students begin to associate dance, fitness, and movement with fun. Through this class, students will learn basic Bollywood-inspired movements with emphasis on developing rhythm, body coordination and control, and understanding story-telling through dance. Students will have added benefits of dance games to supplement learning.

Ages 3-12