Adult Programs


The Bollywood Workout is a dance-based interval training fitness program. Celebrate your body, mind and one of the most festive cultures of the world through Doonya! Follow along to cardio and conditioning intervals of varying intensity, each activating major muscle groups of the abs, arms and legs.


Join a Master Gardener online for weekly classes as you grow fall vegetables in your garden. Weekly classes will include how to get a great harvest, care of the plants, and how gardening works. Each child will get a planter and vegetables to grow. Supply fee for garden sold separately and can be picked up at West U Rec Center.

Yoga-Slow Flow

Enjoy slow, mindful, breath-based movements that are slower in pace to allow you time to settle into each pose and facilitate change in the mind and body. This class is appropriate for all levels or experience from beginners to advanced as modifications and variations will be provided.

Yoga PM

This class is an excellent way for students to develop flexibility, strength, mental focus, and a more balanced lifestyle. It alternates postures and relaxation, allowing students to work at their own pace. Yoga also works on internal organ health and the nervous system. Leave class with more energy and a relaxed state of mind.

Soulful Sunday Yoga

This mellow, slow-paced class offers a softer approach to yoga that is perfect for anyone seeking
a calm, soothing practice that supports the body, mind and soul.

Pilates M/W 

Optimal musculoskeletal performance is the goal of this class. Pilates helps develop strength, flexibility, and endurance without risking injury or building bulk. The result is a balanced and aligned body that looks fit, feels revitalized, and moves with ease! Joy Oden is STOTT certified.

Pilates Friday

Kick-off your weekend with this fun pilates class, which focuses on core stability. This class aims for strength, flexibility, and endurance, helping you achieve a balanced and aligned body that looks fit, feels revitalized and moves with ease.

Texas Wine School - Intro to Wine Tasting 

Ever wanted to learn more about wine tasting? The Texas Wine School will teach you the basics of
tasting, what makes different wines unique, and how to shop for wine and order off the list. Four -
six wines will be used for sampling.

Nutrition Workshop

The quality of food you eat plays a crucial role in the quality of life you live as food impacts our mental,
physical and emotional health. During these workshops, you will learn how to eat for energy, cut
cravings, and improve your eating habits to improve your quality of life and get the results you want!