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East Side Paving & Drainage Improvement Project Special Requests

In response to questions received at the Town Hall Meeting held on August 29, the City would like to gather additional information regarding residents’ special needs that may be affected throughout this project. This could include electric vehicle charging needs, ADA needs, or other medical needs.

To gather this information an online form is available for residents to provide their information and identify their special requests.

You can find this form by visiting: www.westutx.gov/specialrequest

Special requests must be submitted to the Public Works Department by Friday, November 4.

Residents in the affected area were also mailed a letter with this detailed information. View a copy of the letter here.

If you have questions about this project please contact Capital Projects Manager, Eduardo Barreto by email at ebarreto@westutx.gov or by phone at 713-662-5848.

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