Fire Services

Certified Paramedics
West University Place Fire Department provides round-the-clock staffing by full-time firefighter/paramedics to administer emergency fire and medical services. West University Place is unique among most other cities in that we require all firefighters to be certified as paramedics which is the highest level of emergency medical technician certification recognized by the State of Texas.

This means that regardless of who responds to an emergency call, they are trained to handle any situation from a house fire to a cardiac arrest.

Average Response Time

The Fire Department maintains an average response time of less than 4 minutes for fire and medical emergencies.

Emergency Service

The City’s central telephone number is 911 for requesting medical, fire, or police assistance. Any 911 calls within the City limits will be answered by City personnel and forwarded to appropriate response teams. When you dial 911, the dispatcher sees the identity of the caller’s phone number and address, which helps expedite emergency assistance even in cases where the caller may be unable to give a name and address.

Please note that the 911 identification service is not provided by all phone service providers. Please check with your local phone service to see if they provide this service.

Home Alarm Monitoring Service

The City of West University Place is one of the few cities in Texas that provide their very own alarm monitoring service. This service will save you valuable minutes often lost with traditional alarm companies. To learn more about DirectLink, visit the Police Department's DirectLink page or contact the DirectLink Coordinator at 713-662-5860.