Neighborhood Watch

Neighbors Helping Neighbors

The purpose of Neighborhood Watch is to promote neighborhood safety and security. The Police Department depends on citizens to help by reporting suspicious activities and crimes.

Neighborhood Watch works by developing a strong sense of community, where neighbors know enough about one another to know when they need help. As a participant, you are eligible to receive a free home security analysis by a specially trained officer.

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Get Involved

If you are interested call 713.662.5866. We will provide you with the information for the block captain on your street. If your street does not have a block captain, please consider working with the Police Department in starting a program on your street.

Personal Safety Tips

Jogging & Walking Safety Tips

  • Never walk or jog alone. Remember there is strength in numbers.
  • Use areas that are well traveled and well lit at night. Use reflective equipment or carry a flashlight.
  • Avoid short cuts and secluded areas.
  • Avoid walking or jogging near overgrown bushes or landscape that can provide concealment.
  • If followed, go to the nearest public place or residence or group of people. Call the police immediately.

Automobile Safety Tips

If you are being followed while in your automobile, follow these steps:

  • Execute several right turns to verify, but don't get yourself boxed in an area you don't know.
  • Stay on heavily traveled streets.
  • Do not drive home. Instead, drive to a public place such as a business or police/fire station.
  • Call the police immediately and provide the best vehicle description possible and last known direction of travel.

Vacation House Watch

Do not hesitate to contact your local Police Department immediately. Be Safe. Be Alert. Vacation House Watch Form

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