No Knock - Stop Solicitation at Your Home

About the List

If you would like to be added to the West University Place No Knock List, this is the place. City ordinance allows residents who do not want commercial solicitors to come to their residence to add their address to a do-not-disturb (No Knock) list that is provided to all registered solicitors.

Commercial solicitors are required to register with the city before they can legally go door-to-door. If your address is on this No Knock List and a solicitor comes to your residence, contact the West University Place Police Department so that we can take the appropriate action.

The No Knock List is by no means going to prevent every solicitor from coming to your house, but what it will do is give the Police Department the tools needed to enforce your request to keep them off of your property.


You can easily add your address by completing this No Knock List Registration Form (PDF). Once complete, print and sign the form and return it to the Police Department in person or via mail to:
No Knock
3800 University Boulevard
West University Place, TX 77005

We must have the signed original. Once the form is on file with the Police Department, we can take action.

Other Privacy Options

If you do not want to join the No Knock list but still wish to prevent commercial solicitors at your home or you want to reinforce your desire not to be disturbed, you may post a sign meeting these criteria:

  • The sign says No Solicitors.
  • It is plainly legible by persons with normal eyesight standing at the principal entrance to the residence.
  • It is affixed within 12 inches of the doorbell, doorknob, or latch of the outer door (or gate) at the principal entrance.