Utilities & Billing

Paperless Statements

Go paperless! If you already have an account through Citizen Access, sign up for our Paperless Statements option, or send an email to BillingHelp@westutx.gov to request paperless statements and the Utility Department can make that change for you  Don't have a Citizen Access account? You can get one here

Establishing Service

The city of West University Place does not transfer utility services. Each renter/owner is responsible for connecting and terminating their own utility service.

Citizen Access

Pay utility bills through our online billing service either on a one-time or recurring basis.  Residents may also utilize this site to view six months of statements at any time without ever making an online payment. There is no charge for this service. 

Customer Connect

Water usage (consumption) information for your account is available online via Customer Connect.

Fees & Rates

Review a list of fees associated with setting up utilities, as well as the current rates for utility services.

Payments & Bills

The city accepts cash, checks, credit cards, money orders or automatic drafts in payment of utility services.
Online payments can be made by credit card 

Senior & Disabled Residents Solid Waste Service

The city reduces the cost of solid waste pick-up for customers who are over 65 or disabled.

Termination of Service

See what happens in the event of a disconnection and how to prevent one from happening.