Automated Meter Reading

General Information

The City of West University Place has installed electronic water meters with a radio based meter reading system at homes and businesses connected to the City's Drinking Water System.

The new meters are SENSUS IPerl Meters for the 3/4 inch and 1 inch sizes which include most services. The IPerl meter is based on electromagnetic flow detection, a very sensitive and accurate measuring tool. The IPerl meters have a built in data-logger which records readings on an hourly frequency and stores the information for 30 days.

The stored readings are transmitted over a private secure radio network to servers located at each water tower. The servers at the towers receive data every 4 hours and stores this data for up to 60 days. The servers at the towers are commonly referred to as collectors. The data from the collectors is transmitted over the City's network to a secure server on the internet where the data is stored and made available for utility billing and flow analysis.

The automated meter reading system includes an internet Consumer Portal that allows customers to view the hourly flow data through a secure internet connection. The Internet consumer portal includes the ability to set up usage alerts via email. The site provides a great tool for water conservation, and allows the customer better monitoring of water usage for an improved ability to manage water bills. You may access the Consumer Portal using the following link.

Water Consumer Portal

You will need to have a copy of your most recent water bill to provide the information needed to register your account.

User Guide (PDF)