Special Events

The Solid Waste and Recycling Division and the Recycle and Solid Waste Reduction Board host a variety of special events. Please be aware that while most events are open to the general public, there are a few that are restricted to residents only.

  1. Food Waste Pilot Program
  2. Christmas String Light Recycle
  3. Paper Shredding, E-waste and Mattress Collection Event
  4. Christmas Tree Recycling
  5. Community Carnivals
  6. Scouting Fun Patch

The City of West University Place is partnering with Zero Waste Houston to implement food waste/food scrap drop-off pilot program at no cost to residents.  This pilot program will be held every Saturday starting December 5 through January 23.  This is for West U residents only and proof of residency will be required.

Residents are encouraged to bring food waste/scraps in any container which they can easily empty (i.e. 5 gallon bucket, pail, container with lid).  Zero Waste staff will be on-hand to collect the food waste and offer to rinse containers.


When: Every Saturday from Dec. 5 through Jan 23

Location:  Drop-off location in front of 3826 Milton St.

Drop-off Time: 9:00 am - noon


Bones, bread/grains, coffee grounds, dairy, egg shells, fried food, freezer-burned food, fruit, meat, vegetarian pet bedding, wood ash, tea bags (staples removed), compostable food serviceware, compostable bags, compostable cups, coffee filters, fur/hair, newspaper, old flowers, paper napkins/towels, moldy food, nuts/seeds, seafood/shells, vegetables.


Glass, styrofoam, plastic or plastic wrap, metal, animal excrement, diapers, twist ties, produce stickers.

Food waste with contamination will not be accepted.