Drinking Water System

The Public Works Operations Division is responsible for the operations and maintenance of the drinking water system. The drinking water system supplies potable water for human consumption and other household uses as well as providing the same water for fire protection and suppression.

About the System

The drinking water system consists of pumping, storage and distribution facilities. The pumping facilities include 2 water wells and 2 booster stations. The storage consist of 4 ground storage tanks and 2 water towers. The distribution network consists of approximately 40 miles of buried piping, 1200 main valves, 340 fire hydrants, and 6100 water meters.
The water cycle - water from the ocean goes into the air by the sun then rains down onto the land

City Water

The water is a mixture of well water from city wells, and treated surface water, purchased from the City of Houston. The water is mixed in the ground storage tanks prior to being pumped into the distribution system.

The water and the systems that convey the water to the customers are monitored continuously to ensure that they meet all applicable federal and state standards for drinking water. Division employees are specifically trained, and licensed through the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) as required for potable water system operations.


If you have any water quality concerns or problems with the drinking water system please contact the Public Works Department at 713.662.5839 or for after hours emergencies, please contact the Police Department Dispatcher at 713.668.0330.