Buffalo Speedway Project

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Through a federal grant, the City of West University Place was awarded funding to replace the existing road surface of Buffalo Speedway.  The project area will consist of the section of road that traverses the City beginning at the 5300 block (south of Bissonnet) and ending at the 6700 block (north of W. Holcombe/Bellaire).  As part of this project, the City will also make improvements to the drainage system.  The road construction portion of the project will be administered by the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) with City oversight.  There will be a series of meetings scheduled with both the general public and affected homeowners on Buffalo Speedway.  See the project timeline  for more information.

Project Aerial Map 1

This aerial map shows an overview of project area with project route in green with major points marked in green with balloon pointer. 1 Buffalo Speedway at Bissonnet Street – North end of project, 2 Buffalo Speedway at Holcombe/Bellaire Blvd. – West U City Limits South end, 3 West U Drainage Outfall – South end of project.


Scope of Work

  • The project will consist of:
    • A complete road surface replacement in approximately the existing foot print.
    • Major Drainage System Improvements including proposed dual 8' X 8' box culverts transporting storm water to the Poor Farm Ditch south of Holcombe Blvd.
    • Visual enhancements at the both entrances and at major intersections.


  • Road surface reconstruction
    • 80 % Federal Grant (up to $9,250,000).
    • 20% City of West University Place. 
  • Drainage Improvements
    • 100% Funded by City of West University Place.
    • Applications have been submitted seeking Federal Funding Assistance with the drainage project portion.

Project Time-Line*  


  • 9-10-2018 -  Engineering Contract Awarded.
  • 9-27-2018 -  Design Kick-Off Meeting with TXDOT.
  • 10-25-2018 -  Begin Field Survey and Mapping work all along route.
  • 11-1-2018 - Begin Geotechnical Study  (boring for Soil Samples).


  • June 2019 - First meeting with adjacent property owners – 30% design completion.
  • October 2019 -  Second meeting – Advertised Public Meeting – 60% design completion.


  • February 2020 - Third meeting with adjacent property owners – 90% design completion.
  • June 2020 -  Final design submittal to TXDOT and City.
  • December 2020 - TXDOT Advertises Bid For Contractors.
  • November 2020 -  TXDOT Awards Contract.
  • January 2021 - Construction Activities Begin.

*dates subject to change

Parties Involved