Vision & Goals

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Each summer, City Council engages in a strategic visioning and goal setting process to identify short-, mid-, and long-term goals for the City. This process establishes priorities for the community and focuses the City’s resources on those issues that are most vital to residents, ensuring that West U continues to be recognized as one of the best places to live in the country.

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  1. Goals and Agenda
  2. Major Projects
  3. Vision 2036
  4. Core Values

Policy and Management Agenda for 2021 – 2022:

Policy Agenda: Goals of City Council, to be advanced primarily at the policy level through the discussion and decision-making of Council. 

Management Agenda: Goals of City management, to be advanced primarily by the City’s professional staff at the direction of Council. 

Visions and Goals Icons1Goal 1: Financially Sound City Providing Superior Services Valued by the Community

Non-Profit Organizations Contract ReviewDiversifying and Expanding Revenue Options

Overview of Third Party Contracts & Overtime

Emergency Notifications System Review

IT Network Upgrade Planning

Financial Software/ERP System Upgrade

Automated Meter Reading Customer Connection Upgrade

5-Year Financial Plan Development

American Rescue Plan Funding

Visions and Goals Icons2Goal 2: "Best in Class" City Infrastructure and Facilities

Facilities Master Plan
Completion of Buffalo Speedway Replacement 
Poor Farm Ditch Improvements EvaluationFor-Profit Trainers Policy Review
Stormwater Detention Options Review
Capital Improvement Bond Proposal

Visions and Goals Icons3Goal 3: West U Quality of Life - A Great Place to Experience and Live

Community Greenspaces Expansion Evaluation
Senior Services Overview

Visions and Goals Icons4Goal 4: High-Performing City Team Producing Results for the West U Community

Community Engagement StrategySuccession Planning Program Implementation
City Government Transparency Overview

Visions and Goals Icons5Goal 5: Best Residential Suburban City in the Houston Metro Area

Sustainability Task Force Report
Intergovernmental Partnerships Review