Tree Disposition

Any time development activity is planned, all "large" trees (any tree with a 10-inch diameter or greater (measured 4.5 feet above the ground) must be protected. Before any pre-construction or construction permit can be issued the following requirements must be submitted to the Permit Office and approved by the Urban Forester.

  • Tree Disposition - This category is for all development activities that could potentially impact trees. The requirements are as follows:
    • Tree Survey of the property that depicts all "large" trees on the site and adjacent street area, and on any adjacent sites if more than 30% of the critical root zone is on the building site. This survey must include locations, species, sizes (circumference or diameter), and approximate critical root zones
    • Copy of the proposed building activity, (can be included on the above survey), this should include the site plan and also any other activity that could impact the trees or their roots, such as drain, water and sewer lines
    • Tree Disposition Conditions, a narrative or report that explains how the trees are to be protected during construction (tree root zone must be enclosed with a 6-foot tall chain link fence during construction, what trees are to be removed, any mitigative measures to improve the health of the trees and replacement trees (any healthy trees that are removed must be replaced before the house can be finaled). This report needs to indicate anything that concerns trees on the property. It is advisable to obtain professional expertise in submitting this report.
Large Tree Base


Fees are $250 for large construction and swimming pool projects and $150 for short-term projects (remodel and demolition). Access the Application for Tree Disposition (PDF).

Once all of these requirements have been approved by the Urban Forester, the trees and construction fences installed and inspected, the sewer disconnect inspected and passed, and the demolition finalised the building plans can be permitted.