Trees and Vegetation in the City's Right of Way

Who is Responsible for Maintaining Trees and Vegetation in Front of Your Home?


Residents are responsible for the care and maintenance of all trees, shrubs, and vegetation in the City’s Right of Way.

The City recommends checking all vegetation (trees, shrubs, etc.) at least quarterly to ensure proper clearance requirements are maintained. Note that you may be assessed a fee (min. $150) after being issued a warning for vegetation obstructing signs, sidewalks and visibility at intersections.

Clearance over Streets

Clearance over StreetsThe City requires that vegetation over the roadway be maintained at a minimum height of 13 feet 6 inches, extending from curb to curb. This ensures adequate clearance for all types of vehicles (fire trucks, ambulances, garbage trucks, street sweeper, etc.) that are on the road daily providing essential City services. Property owners may be held liable for any damages to vehicles caused by low-hanging tree limbs/vegetation over roadway.

Clearance over Sidewalks

 Clearance over Sidewalks

The City requires that all vegetation over sidewalks be maintained at a minimum height of at least 80 inches (6 feet 8 inches).This ensures adequate clearance for pedestrians utilizing the sidewalks.

Traffic Sign Obstruction

Traffic Clearance

A good way to verify if vegetation needs to be trimmed near/around regulatory signs is to look at the sign from four property lots away (approx. 200 feet). If the full sign cannot be seen, trimming of the vegetation is needed. Property owners can be held liable for contributing to an accident when vegetation obstructs a regulatory sign.

Sight Visibility Obstruction


The sight visibility triangle exists at every intersection throughout the City. The visibility triangle is a 20 feet by 20 feet triangle at every intersection that is designated by the City to be free of vegetation with the exception of grass. All vegetation within the sight visibility window should have growth below 3 feet from the road (30 inches from ground level) or have a canopy above 15 feet.

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