Edloe Street Pathway

Project Overview

As a result of Winter Storm Uri in February 2021, over 150 old-growth Oleanders died in this record freeze. These Oleanders, and numerous scrub trees on Edloe from Albans to the property boundary at Tiny’s #5, have since been removed leaving an opportunity to improve the aesthetics and enjoyment of this area. Staff consulted with Terralab Landscape Architects to explore opportunities for a pedestrian trail and enhanced landscaping in this area.  

Improvements were approved after the February 28, 2022, council meeting and construction documents. Initially, only one bid was received for the project, and it was rejected.  At the October 10, 22 Council meeting, council approved rebidding the project.  The City rebid the Edloe Street Pathway project in December 2022 and received nine (9) bids.  The bids were more than anticipated primarily due to the rising cost of materials.

On January 23, Council authorized staff to enter into a contract with PMG Project Management Group, LLC,  the low bidder, who also scored highest on the bid tabulation, to construct a pervious pathway along the east side of Edloe St. between Albans St. and Georgetown St. 

The installation of the porous pathway has begun! Visitors should refrain from walking on the pathway or the gravel as the material requires a minimum of 12 hours to dry properly. The contractors will be working on the pathway in sections. We kindly request your cooperation in avoiding the area until the work is completed.

Other work not included in the bid was the relocation of some CenterPoint Energy infrastructure and silt fencing installation, both of which were managed by the City. 

The project includes:  

  • A pervious pathway using recycled materials.  For product information see Genan Safe Trail (color mix brown, green, black recycled rubber and pebbles)
  • 6-foot high aluminum fencing along west side of Poor Farm Ditch; including an update to the existing fencing located near the three pedestrian bridges to ensure a uniform look and feel.
  • Irrigation system
  • Benches
  • Drinking fountain with pet station 
  • Pet waste and refuse station
  • Landscaping – Sod around trail with enhanced landscaping beds at pedestrian bridges and ground cover to enhance areas visible from perpendicular streets.  

For questions regarding this project, please contact Parks and Recreation Director Susan White at 713-662-5894 or via email at swhite@westutx.gov or Capital Project Manager Eduardo Barreto at 713-662-5848 or via email at ebarreto@westutx.gov.

Public Process and Engagement

January 23, 2023 - City Council authorized staff to enter into a contract with PMG Management Group , LLC.

January 9, 2023 - City Council approved that staff move forward with the project.

October 10, 2022 - City Council approved staff rebidding the project.

February 28, 2022 - City Council approved the new schematic design which incorporated feedback from the January 10th meeting.

Presentation Materials 

January 10, 2022 - City Council held an initial discussion of the Edloe Street Pathway Project during the Regular Meeting. Audio from this discussion is available by clicking the play button to the right.