Ballet, Tap, and Jazz Dance

Dance with me Ballet (Ages 2½ – 3+)

Parent must dance with dancer. Designed for adults and children to dance together. This class introduces dancers to the basic elements of movement and dance in a fun and positive way. Dancers will learn how their bodies can move by exploring balance, rhythm, coordination, body and spatial awareness, locomotor skills and age appropriate dance technique. Adults come in comfortable clothing to move in (no shoes), children come dressed in pink or black leotard (attached skirt ok), pink tights and pink ballet shoes or no shoes.

Budding Ballet (Ages 3)

Dancers develop motor skills and coordination while gently being introduced to the classroom environment and the art of ballet. Dancers should wear a pink or black leotard (attached skirt is ok), pink footed tights and pink ballet shoes. Optional item: pink or black ballet skirt (no tutus).

Ballet & Tap I (Ages 3½ – 4)

Designed for the 3-year-old who has had a year of Budding Ballet and the beginner 4-year-old.

Ballet & Tap II (Ages 4 – 5)

Designed for the 4-year-old who has had two years of dance and the beginner 5-year-old.

Ballet & Tap III (Ages 5 – 6)

Designed for the 5-year-old who has had two-plus years of dance and the beginner 6-year-old

Ballet & Tap IV (Ages 6 – 8)

Designed for the 6-year-old who has had 3+ years of dance and the 8-year-old who has had little or no previous experience.