Adult Swimming & Aquatics


Adult Swim Fit

This is a class geared for Masters swimmers, triathletes, and teens 15 years of age and up who are looking for a great swimming workout with a group. Focus will be on improving swimming skills, endurance and technique.

Fees: $110 R, $125 NR
Instructor: Stuart Harper
Location: Rec Center – Pool Lane 1


Aqua Cross Fit

This high-energy aquatic fitness class combines shallow water and deep water components to develop flexibility, cardiovascular fitness and core strength. Learn how to get a great workout with your choice of impact and intensity level. Fitness and swimming professional Jane Harper will help you reach and maintain your fitness goals.

Fees: $140 R, $155 NR
Instructor: Kathy Cane, Jeanne Leach
Location: Rec Center – Pool Lane 1



Imagine exploring the underwater world on your next vacation. Learn to swim with the fishes and enjoy one of the fastest growing sports. The program is taught in a safe and enjoyable way by experienced instructors who love what they are doing. For more information on any class below, class times and dates, please contact Ann at Oceanic Ventures: or (713) 523-3483.

  • Scuba Ragners (Ages 8-12)
  • Starfish (Ages 4-7)
  • Scuba Diving (Ages 13+)
  • Family Snorkeling
  • Rebreather Demonstration