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West University Tree Trust Application

  1. Trees will be planted, fertilized, mulched and staked. You will be responsible for maintenance after planting. Please note: trees can only be planted in the public realm (in the area between the setback and the street). If you are approved, you will receive a 30-gallon tree, which is approximately 8-10-feet tall and 2-inches in caliper. If the species you select is not available, a substitution may be made. Trees are planted on a first come basis depending upon the availability of funds. By submitting this application, you agree to maintain the trees after planting occurs. Prior to receiving tree you must agree to maintain the tree from the time of planting. You must agree to water and fertilize the tree as needed to ensure continued growth. You must also agree to prune the tree to meet the following requirements. Visibility Triangle at Street Intersection-maintain area free of all vegetation between 3'0" from top of pavement to 13'6" above pavement in triangle formed by street corner and a point 20' in each direction down adjoining streets (City ordinance 82-7). Traffic Sign Obstruction - Tree will be maintained to avoid obstructing traffic signs or signals. Road Clearance - All trees shall be pruned to maintain an unobstructed clearance height of 13'6" from back of curb on one side of street to back of curb on other side of street (International Fire Code). Sidewalk Clearance - All trees shall be pruned to maintain an unobstructed clearance height of 80" over all public sidewalks, with minimum width of 48". (Americans with Disabilities Act & Texas Accessibility Standards). Please contact us at 713-662-5843 with any questions.
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  4. On what part of the property should the tree be planted?
  5. Are there other existing trees in this area?
  6. What type of tree do you prefer?
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