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Alarm Permit Registration

  1. Permit Fee: $30
    Annual renewal applied to utility bill: $15
    This form is for Permits that will NOT be connected with DirectLink
  2. Note:
    An incomplete form will delay your service start date.
  3. You do not need to enter city, state, or zip code.
  4. Please provide previous West University Address if you held a prior alarm permit. You do not need to enter city, state, or zip code.
  5. Alarm Use*
  6. Secondary Contact Information (resident)
  7. Commercial Information
  8. Emergency Contact Information : (required for resident/business)
    Other than the resident or business owner/manager, List two individuals who can respond to the alarm site, have access to the site and the code for disarming the alarm.
  9. Alarm System Information
  10. Types of Signals*
    Select all that apply
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