2022 Citizen Satisfaction Survey

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In 2021, City Council and staff identified a Community Satisfaction Survey as a high-priority project. Staff worked with the City's data collection consultant, OnPointe Insights, LLC, to produce an online survey for residents to provide their feedback on a variety of city-provided services and issues. The survey was designed to be easy and convenient for residents to complete from a laptop, tablet, or mobile device, and should take approximately 7-10 minutes. The survey results will help city leaders better understand the community's needs, priorities, and concerns. 

The full survey results, including commentary provided by respondents, can be viewed through the online interactive dashboard. 
View the results here!

About the Survey:

  • 876 residents completed the survey.
  • The survey was available online from November 28 - December 18.
  • Residents were contacted by email, text message, social media, utility billing, City Currents Newsletter (Winter Edition), and through the City website.
  • Residents were asked questions in 8 categories: City amenities, benefits, safety, operations, basic services, contact with staff, events, and communications.
  • Residents were also asked to provide demographic data such as gender, tenure, age, race, etc.