City Manager's Office

The City Manager is M. Christopher Peifer. Peifer was appointed to the position November 16, 2015. He formerly served the city as Interim City Manager and as Assistant City Manager/Director of Public Works.
Type of Government
The City of West University Place operates under the council - manager form of government. The City Council appoints a City Manager who serves as the Chief Administrative Officer of the city. Under the City Charter, the City Manager is responsible to the City Council for the efficient and economical administration of the city government.

Duties & Responsibilities
Specifically, the City Manager is responsible for:
  • Preparing and submitting an annual budget and administering the budget once adopted
  • Advising City Council on the financial condition and future needs of the city
  • Recommending salaries to be paid to employees
  • Recommending policies
  • Attending City Council meetings
  • Administering the enforcement of city ordinances
  • Performing other duties directed by the City Council