Required & Suggested Exhibits

Required Exhibits

Required exhibits and the application must be presented to the City at least 20 days prior to the scheduled meeting date, and should include:

  • Proof of ownership of the property in question (1 of the following: Title Policy, Warranty Deed, or Deed of Trust, etc.)
  • Staked Survey - Plot plan showing all existing structures with dimensions of the structures and distances from the property lines (Must be sealed by a registered surveyor in the State of Texas)
  • Written narrative describing request and reason why it should be granted (Explanations of hardships or special conditions)
  • Must provide 16 sets of all documentation (A set with original signed application and 15 copy sets)

Suggested Exhibits

The following items are suggested to aid in making a complete presentation, in order for the board to make a knowledgeable decision regarding your application:

  • All dimensions of your property as they relate to your application.
  • All dimensions of adjacent properties as they may relate to your application and/or other properties in the block that may be pertinent to your application.
  • Photographs of your property and/or other adjacent properties to clarify your presentation.
  • Architectural scale drawings to help clarify your presentation.

Staff Reports

Staff reports are made to the board based upon the information submitted with the application. All information submitted to the board should be provided to staff prior to the meeting. This will enable staff to make reports based on all the facts being presented.