City Wide Projects

Buffalo Speedway

The City of West University Place is currently replacing the road surface of Buffalo Speedway, funded in part by a federal grant. The project area consists of the section of road that traverses the City beginning at the 5300 block (south of Bissonnet) and ending at the 6700 block (north of West Holcombe/Bellaire). As part of this project, the City will also make improvements to the drainage system. The road construction portion of the project will be administered by the Texas Department of Transportation (TXDOT) with City oversight. 

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In 2019, the City authorized the completion of a Citywide Drainage Modeling Study that evaluated and modeled the existing conditions of the City's drainage system. The results indicated that the majority of the City has limited drainage capacity. The City is now moving forward in the design process to make systemwide improvements to mitigate the impacts of severe weather.

The project is divided by the east and west side of town. The east side project is slated to begin in 2023.

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Edloe Pathway Project

As a result of Winter Storm Uri in February 2021, over 150 old-growth Oleanders died along Edloe Street. These Oleanders, and numerous scrub trees on Edloe from Albans to the property boundary at Tiny’s #5 have since been removed, leaving an opportunity to improve the aesthetics and public enjoyment of this area. City staff are working with Terralab Landscape Architects to explore opportunities for a pedestrian trail and enhanced landscaping in this area.  

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Facilities Master Plan

The City of West U is currently developing a Facilities Master Plan, with the goal of identifying the long-term location and function of City buildings. This is an important step for long-range planning for the future of the City’s public service model. With some City facilities dating back to the 1940s, decisions will need to be made in the near future on repairs and renovations. Factors such as the increasing cost of land in the area, changes in local government and public service practices (such as innovations in technology), and the risk of severe weather underscore the need for a guiding plan for public facilities.

City Council adopted the completion of the Facilities Master Plan as a top policy priority for 2021-2022. In accordance with this, staff began working with the City’s consultant, PGAL, in the autumn of 2021 to develop long-term projections for departmental and personnel needs.

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Judson Park
Law Street Water Line

As part of the implementation of the Parks and Open Spaces Master Plan, the Parks and Recreation Board and staff worked in conjunction with a citizen user group on improvement recommendations for Judson Park. The main items include repainting the current play structures and fencing, replacing the artificial safety turf, resurfacing the tennis courts with new pickleball lines, adding gaga ball, refreshing the amenities and installing solar and LED lighting. 

Work is expected to begin in June 2022, and the park will remain open during this time with only the affected portions/features closed while improvements are underway. 

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The City of West University Place’s residents on the 4100 & 4200 block of Law Street currently receive their water from the City of Houston. This project will facilitate the installation of a 6” water line to allow these blocks to be serviced by the City of West University Place's water system. This project is currently under design and anticipated to go to City Council for construction approval in Fall 2022.


Milton Street Water Line

The City of West University Place has identified a cast iron water line which runs along Milton Street from the Milton water well to Mercer Street. This pre-1939 cast iron waterline is nearing its useful life and needs to be replaced. Preliminary engineering has been completed and construction design is anticipated to start in Summer 2022.

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Wastewater Reclamation Project Logo

The City of West University Place is working toward improving economic, environmental, and social sustainability in relation to the City’s water system. The Wastewater Reclamation Project creates an additional revenue source for the City by selling the treated effluent water to an end user versus dumping water to Braes Bayou. Design is anticipated to start in Summer 2022.

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Wastewater Treatment Plant

The City of West University Place’s Wastewater Treatment Plant has been in operation since 1982. Major mechanical equipment is nearing the end of their useful life and are in need of replacement. This project will provide upgrades to the equipment, provide a flood resilient facility, as well as improve the efficiency of the wastewater treatment process to ensure compliance with regulatory standards. Design in currently underway with construction anticipated to start in 2023. 

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