Department Structure

The West University Place Fire Department is comprised of 1 fire station that houses 23 full-time personnel. Fire shift personnel work a 48/96 shift schedule.

Fire Administration:

  • Fire Chief/Emergency Management Coordinator
  • Assistant Fire Chief/Fire Marshal


Operations staff are divided into the A, B, and C shifts. There is a Captain, a Lieutenant and 5 Firefighter/Paramedics assigned to each shift.

Shift Personnel

Shift A
Shift B
Shift C
Jeffrey Mraz, Captain
John Breaux, Captain
Adam Smith, Captain
Michael Ashcraft, Lieutenant
Clayton Wilson, Lieutenant
Aaron Rosenfield, Lieutenant
Tony Brooks, FF/Paramedic
Austin Sanders, FF/Paramedic Riley Thompson, FF/Paramedic
Auston Douglas, FF/Paramedic Luis Gonzalez, FF/Paramedic
Preston Elder, FF/Paramedic
James Greenwell, FF/Paramedic Joshua Cooper, FF/Paramedic Cassandra Durrett, FF/Paramedic
Nate Ramirez, FF/Paramedic Nick Torrent, FF/Paramedic Dustin Gibson, FF/Paramedic
 Joshua Martens, FF/EMT   Andrew Whitener, FF/EMT