Colonial Park Pool Rules

Colonial Park Pool Rules

1.    Swimming is permitted only when lifeguards are on duty.

2.    Only Coast Guard approved flotation devices.

3.    All swimmers that require a diaper must be double diapered to use the pool.  This may be two reusable swim diapers or one disposable and one reusable diaper.  

4.    Persons with diarrhea illness, an infection or contagious disease that may be transmitted through water, an open cut, or lesion may not enter the pool.

5.    No hanging on safety lines, volleyball net, or basketball hoops.

6.    No gum or adhesive bandages are allowed in the pool or pool area.

7.    A parent or guardian must accompany children to the pool and actively swim with children under the age of 10 years. If a child is 10 and older and is either not water safe or are unable to adhere to pool rules, then the parent will be required to accompany the children until the criteria are met. Swim test may be required.

8.    Changing (clothing or diaper) is not permitted on the pool deck. Changing must occur in one of the restrooms.

9.    Food and drinks are permitted in designated areas. No glass containers. Please pick up trash & use recycle bins provided.

10.    Alcohol, Tobacco, and pets are prohibited. Service animals are allowed.

11.    Misconduct is prohibited in all areas of the pool facility. Prohibited misconduct includes running, lewd behavior or language, and rough play.

12.    Swimmers MUST be 48 inches or taller to ride the drop slide and are expected to slide feet first, bottom down, and one at a time on all slides.

13.    No group may monopolize any particular area of the pool or surrounding areas to the exclusion of others. Rental groups are exceptions; parties of 10 or more must be registered as a party, fill out applicable rental paperwork and be approved by management.

14.    To respect the privacy of all members, only children ages 6 years and under may accompany an opposite sex parent into the locker rooms. Children over the age of 6 years with an opposite sex parent should use the Family Changing Room located on the pool deck.

15.    For your own safety, please follow the lifeguard directives. Other rules, posted or unposted, may apply as needed.

16.    The City of West University Place reserves the right to refuse entry into the facility.

Customers are requested to cooperate in observing these rules and to obey the instructions of the pool staff.  Pool rules are intended to benefit all users to assure a safe and enjoyable experience. Staff will firmly, fairly, and consistently enforce pool rules. Customers violating swimming rules may be subject to the revocation of their swimming privileges.  

A complete list of pool and facility rules may be requested at the front desk.