Water Usage

Residents are encouraged to regularly check their consumption via Customer Connect.

Helpful Tips for Possible Leaks

  1. Check for a defect in your private water system. This could be a dripping faucet, running toilet, leak in a water line, etc. To perform this check:
    • Record the reading from your water meter.
    • Do not use any water for a period of eight (8) hours or more. (It may be less inconvenient if you test overnight).
    • Record the reading on your meter at the end of the test period. Compare the two readings. If the readings are different and you did not use any water, a defect, or leak, is indicated.
  2. Check if a toilet is leaking:
    • Drop enough drops of food coloring into the tank, enough to make the water in the tank a really dark color of your choice.
    • Let sit for fifteen (15) minutes without flushing.
    • If there is a lighter color in the toilet bowl, this is a good indication the toilet is leaking.
  3. If all else fails please call a plumber. Leaks can be costly.

Water Saving Tips

1. Water your lawn between 4-6 a.m. during the warmer months.
2. Check for irrigation system over-spray.  You may need to adjust the sprinkler heads.
3. Mulch trees and plant beds with 2-3" mulch.  Plants will need less water.
4. Run full (not partial) laundry & dishwasher loads.