Capital Improvement Plan


This Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) is a multi-year plan of capital projects which strives to reflect the goals and policies established by the City of West University Place by systematically planning, scheduling, managing, monitoring, and financing capital projects to ensure cost effectiveness and conformity with established policies.

The CIP guides the funding and construction of all public improvements constructed by the City, including roads, drainage, wastewater treatment facilities and lines, water facilities and lines, city facilities, recreation facilities, and parks; as well as technology improvements. The City of West University Place has developed a CIP to identify the capital needs of the community over a five year period.

Without adequate planning, public improvements may not be given the appropriate priorities, be properly located, or realized due to lack of available financial resources. Financial inefficiency and reduced public service will result. To avoid such consequences and to achieve the greatest possible economy and efficiency is the goal of the CIP.

Capital Improvement Plan (FY 2023 - 2027)