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The matter of “for profit” activities occurring in West U’s municipal spaces was identified as a Management Priority in the City’s 2021-2022 Strategic plan.  Since then, the topic has had considerable discussion by the City’s Staff, Parks and Recreation Board, and Tennis & Pickleball Committee. City Council unanimously passed the second and final reading of the ordinance regulating commercial activities at its August 8, 2022, meeting with an effective date of October 1, 2022.

The Parks and Recreation Department strives to deliver various programs and activities in an equitable manner for all West U residents. The ordinance and related policy addresses the matter of “for profit” activities taking place in municipal spaces.  A trial policy took place from October 1, 2022 through May 31, 2023, the two busiest timeframes for tennis court use, staff evaluated the policy with consideration of resident feedback.  No changes were recommended and trial policy become effective June 1, 2023.  

West U residents will continue to book courts through the website, using the current reservation policy (no more than 3 hours in a 72 hour period). When residents reserve a court, they will select from a short menu whether or not they are playing without a coach/instructor. If playing with a coach/instructor, residents will be required to fill out additional information listing their tennis instructor’s name and any other players joining them.  

  1. Lessons may not exceed 4 participants. 
  2. Resident must follow the rules and regulations outlined in the City’s Tennis Policies.  
  3. Resident must actively participate during the lesson and may not turn over the court to non-reservation holders for additional lessons. 
  4. Resident must have a confirmed reservation receipt during any lesson with an instructor.

For-Profit Instructors

Paid instructors will be required to obtain a Special Facility Use Instructor Permit from the City of West University Place. For more information, please contact Program Specialist James Browning at  

Terms include, but are not limited to:  

  • Permittee will pay the City 20% of the total gross revenue from teaching any tennis and/or pickleball related activities at permitted locations in West U.  Instructor’s rates will be listed in the permit.
  • Permittee will be required to provide the City with current insurance per City’s specifications.
  • All employees and volunteers working for the Permittee must have criminal background checks done by the City’s Human Resources Department, prior to starting employment and rechecked annually.  Employees/volunteers must also be covered under Permittee’s insurance.
  • Permittee will provide a bi-weekly report to the City, including dates and times of lessons, how much they charged per person per lesson, and the names of the participants at each lesson.
  • A waiver must be signed by each participant on a yearly basis.  The waiver will be valid for 365 days; after this timeframe the participant will be required to sign a new waiver.  The City will provide the permittee with these waivers to give out to their participants.  It’s the Permittee’s responsibility to bring any new waivers in each month upon payment.  
  • Simultaneous lessons on multiple courts will not be allowed.
  • Permittee must display Permit in designated location during each lesson.  
  • Permittee must follow the rules and regulations  outlined in the City’s Tennis Policies.  
  • Permittee will be limited in the number of back-to-back lessons withno more than 1.5 hours of consecutive instructional time without a 1 hour break in between. Periods of instructional time separated by less than one hour will be treated as consecutive and count towards the maximum 1.5 hours of consecutive instructional time.
  • Professional instructors must comply with City Ordinance regarding use of the City of West University Place public spaces in the method of For-Profit instruction. Violators will be subject to a $500 fine per occurrence.

If you have any questions, comments, or feedback, please contact

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