Closure Policies

The City of West University Place Parks and Recreation Department is committed to your safety. Below are the closures policies and Rain Check Information. Pool closure information will be posted on this webpage when closures are necessary.

Chemical Issues

In the event a chemical issue occurs, the pool will be closed per the Texas Department of State Health Services.

Chemical issues may occur when there is an equipment malfunction involving automatic chemical feeders, such as a chlorine feeder or pH adjustment chemical feeder. Issues may also occur if excessive levels of sanitizer or pH adjusting chemicals are added.

The pool must be CLOSED and not reopened until the pool water chemistry is adjusted within acceptable levels and any malfunctioning equipment is repaired or replaced. Frequent testing of the pool water chemistry and routine maintenance of equipment is done to reduce the risk of chemical issues occurring. There are many variables that factor into the corrective protocol and the total closure time.

Lifeguard Required

In the rare occurrence that a lifeguard does not show up for a shift, the pool will be closed until a lifeguard is on duty in adherence with the Texas Standards for Public Swimming Pools.

We strive for full staffing at all times; however, due to unforeseen circumstances (illness, no show/no call, etc.), there may be occasions when the pool must be closed when a lifeguard is not on duty in accordance with the operation of a Class B pool. In addition, the pool may need to be closed for short periods of time to allow for safety breaks when only one lifeguard is on duty.

Contamination Incidents

In the event a fecal or vomit incident occurs in the pool, the pool will be closed per the Center for Disease Control and Model Aquatic Health Code standards.

The type of incident that occurs will determine the amount of time that is required for pool closure once the pool has been cleaned and treated properly. There are many variables that factor into the contamination treatment protocol and the total closure time.

Closure times can range from 45 minutes to 48 hours, depending on these variables. 

Please do your part in minimizing closure incidents. Here are several ways that YOU can help keep the pool open and safe!

Please shower thoroughly before swimming. One minute is all it takes to make a huge difference.

Don't pee or poop in the water. Please use designated restrooms for these activities.

Take children on hourly restroom breaks.

If not 100% potty trained, please wear a swim diaper and a plastic reusable diaper over the swim diaper at all times. Reusable diapers can be purchased at the customer relations desk.

If you, or a family member has experienced diarrhea in the last two week, please do not swim for a minimum of two week AFTER all symptoms have cleared.

If you have open sores or open wounds, please do not swim until these areas have healed.

Do not swallow the water.

Rain Check Policy

If you, your family members and/or guests have checked in 30 minutes or less of an incident/closure occurring - please visit the staff at the Customer Relations Desk for a rain check. Rain checks are only valid in the current year.