Friends Park

Friends Clock
Friends Arbor

Friends Pocket Park Features

  • Designed specifically as a passive park
  • Park enjoys a lush landscape with ample seating
  • Several seating arbors
  • Paved walkway
  • Signature clock tower

Located at 3771 Rice (.17 Acres)

Park History

Located on the southeast corner of Rice Boulevard and Auden St, just across the street from the Community Center. The City purchased the 58.5’ by 124’ lot in September of 1995 from the heirs of the original owners, Allison and Thelma Sanders. Mrs. Sanders served as the first librarian for the West University Branch of the Harris County Library, a position she held for thirty years. The two-story residence and garage were demolished in the spring of 1996.  The park is currently designed as a passive park. The park enjoys a lush landscape with ample seating, several seating arbors, paved walkway and a signature clock tower.  

Friends Arbor and Front
Friends Clocktower
Friends Seating